Everything About Car wheel trims

Car wheel trims


Wheel trims are decorative disks that are fitted on the face of vehicles wheels and cover at least the central part of the wheel, which is called the wheel hub. Wheel trims are made of various qualities and colors like; silver trims, golden wheel trims, lightening silver, which aims at transforming the appearance of the vehicle. Wheel trims are made of either plastic or metallic, and they are fixed on the vehicle wheels using bolts or another type of wheel trim fasteners.

However, wheel trims vary with types of wheels, i.e., vehicles with stamped wheel use a full wheel trim that conceals the entire wheel face while vehicles with styles wheels or alloy wheels use center caps wheel trims

Uses of wheel trims

Decoration, wheel trims are made, with various attractive colors and designs that make the vehicle wheel looks, neat and beautiful due to their designs, this improves the general appearances of the whole vehicle.

Prevention of wheel corrosion, hell trims prevent accumulation of dust, mud, and moisture in your car wheel, which may lead to corrosion of the metallic part of the wheel.

Durability, wheel trims maintains the overall sustainability of the wheel and its performance too, and this makes them last longer.

Different types of wheel trims

The oxGord hubcaps for 16-inch standard steel wheels

The CCI IWC435-17C17 chrome finish hubcaps

The BDK ford hubcaps wheels covers

The Pilot WH546-16B-BS universal fit wheel trim

The BDK 15-inch hub trims wheel protection

The BDKHonda civic style hubcaps wheel covers

The hubcaps for cheby Malibu

The Benzee wheel trims

The Matte black replica wheel trims

The chrome finish replica wheel trim

The world 9.99 mall golf cart SS wheel trims

The cover trend universal hub caps

The silver Lacquer replica wheel trim

Ford OEM F8UZ-AA wheel cover

The Honda genuine wheel trims,


Wheel trims are also known as hubcaps or wheel covers, before one purchasing a wheel trim, it is advisable to know the size of his vehicle wheel this the diameter so as not to buy an oversize wheel trim or small size e which will not fit on the wheel face. In addition, it is good to select the wheel trim that matches the color of your car, the quality of the wheel trim and finally the quality of the material used in making the wheel trim. Best wheel trim will protect your wheel and protect you from unnecessary frustration such as losing the wheel trim.